92nd Street Design was born out of a simple idea - that home is a collection of all things beautiful to you. It’s a little bit of old, a few touches of new, and layers of love and personality in between.


For founder Katharine, this concept came from watching her mother decorate their Kansas home with family treasures, gifts from friends, and the occasional shopping trip finds. The result was magnificent - a happy home which laid the foundation for fond memories.

So what is 92nd Street? It was the street that little Katharine grew up on in Kansas. It’s where she learned the concept of home, it’s where she practiced decorating at an early age, and as a boutique name, it’s her destination to create beautiful and “happy” homes with wonderful memories for others. 

Meet Katharine D. Merritt

Katharine loved design as a child, but never imagined the career possibilities. As such, she took a more "traditional" career path in finance and banking after college. Shortly after moving to Chicago, Katharine met her husband, Kareem and embarked on a journey to make curtains for their first apartment. She was hooked - the design possibilities were endless. Window treatments remained a hobby throughout her years in Chicago and later in New York City. Finally in 2004, she decided to pursue her dreams - and the company, now 92nd Street Design, was born.