Humans are social creatures 


Beautifully designed spaces are meant to inspire us. What's the point of having a gorgeously appointed kitchen or dining area or TV viewing area, if you can't share them with the ones you love. We celebrate our design work when we learn of a fabulous dinner party or a great conversation around the kitchen island in our clients homes.


dining room drapery and custom upholstery
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Kitchen remodel

Give us some down time & a little color any day! 


Whether it's kids spaces or adult areas for friends and family, play time allows us to remove the stresses of the day and tune into our true selves.  Play promotes creativity and feeds our soul. These spaces are also some of the most fun projects, especially when the client is under 4ft tall.

Sweet little girls room
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Little boy's nursery

Work with passion 


If you're going to work, do it well and with vigor - that's our motto at least.  Our surroundings affect both our home and work life, so we are always grateful for the opportunity to inject a personalized touch into a work space.  

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We don't want you to have to count sheep.


Bedroom and resting spaces are important, and the right elements are crucial.  Whether your style is traditional, modern or in between, luxurious bedding (we love custom of course!) and relaxation zones are the perfect prescription for a good night's rest.

Custom bedding